Friday, May 27, 2011

Here we go

In response to much urging, I start this endeavor on a cold morning in May 2011.  It's the 27th, the Friday before Memoiral Day.  Do blogs automatically record the date? The shack's little wood burner is not hooked up yet (stove pipe on its way) so I'm huddled in blankets before work, typing.  I hope to make his blog a place where I can create non work pieces that supplement but are different from my weekly update on Constant Contact.  If you are a reader of the update, which has been going for a couple years, thanks for adding Dave in the Shack to your reading.  I hope my voice stays the same.  If I can do this weekly I will.  And then obviously if I can't I won't. 

There's a lot to do, both in building this shack and building this blog.  Got to get some pictures on the blog.  Need to trim out the shack.  Steps up to the porch deck would be nice.  Everything in its own good time.

We'll talk again soon.  Again it's Dave.  I'm in the shack.