Tuesday, July 18, 2017

LIfe is Changing

Forgive me for the big gap between blog posts.  I’m hung up on what I want to say about a trip to the city, an artist, an idea.  So I’m putting it aside for a while and moving on.  Just thought I would check in. 

Sometimes you feel yourself change.  As many of you know I’ve been on the shelf so to speak following an ankle operation April 7.  I did it voluntarily to improve my mobility not exactly fully aware of what it would mean in the way of recovery and healing.  As of yesterday, 121 days later, I’m walking.  No scooter, no crutches, no cane.  Just me, a leg brace, and a bit of a halting gait. 

That means I can resume things I used to do; swimming at the Y, golf, yoga.  On top of that I have physical therapy for the forseeable future three times a week.  All of a sudden I’m busy, or at least I have the potential to be busy. 

For a long time there I couldn’t drive.  I remembered when my Mom was injured and was unable to walk or stand let alone operate her old Chevy.  Though she was in a power wheelchair she had to ask us when she wanted to leave the house.  She hated being waited on.  I’m no fan of it either.  It feels good getting my independence back. 

Not that I’m ungrateful for all the help I received.  Despite how we sometimes perceive the people around us, thinking they are uncaring or unsympathetic to others, I found you to be very kind when I was visibly handicapped.  Lots of doors opened, rides given, kindnesses shared.  Thanks to everyone that helped me.  Biggest thanks of course, goes to my wife.  It helps so not to be alone when going through illness and recuperation.  She took care of me so well.

Now I have options, and fewer excuses for not making meetings, etcetera.  I’ll admit it was good to take a break.  But it was boring.  I found myself with less to talk about.  Put me in a crowd and there was little to say.  I hadn’t gone anywhere, done anything.  What’s to talk about?  I think I’ll have more sympathy now for those whose lives have tight boundaries, small borders, and limited interaction.  They deserve our attention but we can’t expect the same level of conversation.  We have to adjust for them I think. 

I did get a writing project finished and am starting another.  I’m in the middle of something of a break there too.  Maybe the blog was a casualty too.

In August my wife and I are going to southern Illinois to get closer to the path of the sun during its total eclipse.  August 21st to be exact.  And that night we’re heading to Chicago to listen to Leo Kottke at the City Winery in Chicago, compliments of a friend, thank you.  It’s a road trip, albeit a small one.  I’m damn glad to be back out there.  I may not see either of those events again.  Leo, like me, doesn’t get younger every day.

So there you go.  It’s been a beautiful summer.  Life is changing.  Thank god for change.  May we all be able to keep our changes positive.  Enjoy your week.